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Why Cricket is So much popular in India?

Fans cheering for their teams

When Cricket is just a game for many, Cricket is a feeling for people in India. Although there are many other sports followed and played in India like Football, Hockey, Tennis, etc. people go crazy only for cricket. While cricketers are treated as a sportsman in any country, cricketers are treated as celebrities in India. Some Indian cricketers are even considered as God – such as Sachin Tendulkar, Mahinder Singh Dhoni etc. It’s no wonder that celebrities want to snap a pic with Indian cricketers. Why so much excitement, so much craziness, and people go Mad for cricket? Let’s find out.

Historical victories of India:

Cricket first become famous in India was when Kapil Dev and his boys lifted the first world cup for India in 1983. Introduction of colour TV in 1980’s further mooted Indian people towards cricket. Introduction of Twenty20 cricket (popularly called as T20 cricket) has further made the cricket interesting and less time-consuming. When India hosted the ICC Cricket World Cup in 2011, the stadium was filled with the energy of the fans. Tears in the eyes of Indian people when India won the world cup in 2011 itself a standing example for the love of cricket that Indian people has.

World-class cricketers:

Fans not only go crazy for the cricket but also on cricket legends like Sachin Tendulkar, M.S. Dhoni and many more. They are standing a role model for the upcoming generation. Unlike any other games played in India, Cricket has a very large fan base. Like celebrities, cricketers also have huge fan followers on social media.

A picture was taken during IPL match between Mumbai Indians Vs Chennai Super Kings. A Mumbai Indian fan changes his Mumbai jersey to Chennai Super Kings jersey when Dhoni enters the ground for batting.

Substitute for violence:

The quarrel between India and Pakistan which began in 1947 is still unsettled. Hence when two teams go head to head in cricket, people bunk their classes and office to watch India-Pakistan match to support their nation. There are many instances where workers are allowed to leave early to watch the India-Pakistan match.

Presence of Indian Premier League:

IPL can also be termed as a mixed world cup where top players from many countries represent teams in India. IPL is also a great money-spinner platform in sporting history. IPL has turned many unknown players into heroes.

You can see a lot of fans lined outside the stadium 2-3 days before the fixed match day for getting their IPL tickets.
You can see a lot of fans lined outside the stadium 2-3 days before the fixed match day for getting their IPL tickets.

Sponsors and advertisement:

Without logos and brand names, the team jersey never looks perfect. Have you ever wondered why so many commercials and sponsorship’s only in cricket?

Because in no other game except cricket has little (one or two minutes between over, between wickets) breaks in between each over.  Since people go mad on their favourite cricketers, companies take this opportunity to advertise their products through cricketers (Example Boost).


BCCI which governs cricket in India is one of the richest and most powerful cricket board in the world. It has always raised the best Indian team for any matches. BCCI also has the power to influence the ICC, as seen in the deployment of DRS. Strong backing by BCCI has also made cricket the most popular sport in India.

Fact that anyone can understand and play cricket:

With a bat and ball and a minimum of two players, anyone can play cricket. Most of the time it is played in small dimensioned areas like streets, roads and even in a room. The cost to play cricket is also very less when compared to other games which make sure that even people from a humble background can easily play cricket. Most of the great Indian player’s careers started only from gully cricket (cricket played with a tennis ball) from their localities.