How to win money in Cricket betting: All secrets

We are going to share the best cricket betting tips & tricks here which will lead you to win more money in cricket betting and fantasy sites.

Here we are going to share all the tips and tricks of how to win money in cricket betting. Finally, the secret is revealed.

There are several ways to win money in cricket bettings. Please refer to the tips below.

cricket betting secrets
  • Playing Fantasy Cricket League: Money can be earned in cricket betting by playing fantasy Cricket leagues which are available in Dream11. Bettors have to make their own fantasy team and join the contest and compete with their rivals. Ones ranking to a higher position tend to win more.
  • Betting on toss: Bettors can bet on toss results. Though it is the most predictable part in the cricket betting but yet you can earn money by simply choosing which team wins the coin toss. The average rate in this betting is around 1.90. That means by staking 10$ you can win 19$.
  • Betting on matches: Betting on match result is the most common way of betting in cricket. Bettors choose their favorite team and places the bet accordingly. Bettors should not get emotionally attached with the team these could lead to a heavy loss. They should trade in the match.

    Here are some of best cricket betting sites list:-
  • Live Cricket Betting: Bettors should always opt for this technique this involves betting in a live match. It involves trading too. It can also be referred to as ‘in-match’, ‘in-play’ ’ betting which allows bet makers to make bets during a ‘in-match’ as the game starts.

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  • For example, instead of just betting on the final score or outcome of the cricket match, bet maker can bet how the next dismissal will occur, how many runs a team will score on the next ball or the next man out.

    This is available at online betting sites through live stream technology that allows players to view and bet on the match in real-time. Having a solid internet connection makes this method much more enjoyable as it reduces the lag between the real-time event and reception of the event.

    Live betting is fast passed and requires that the bettor maintains total focus to keep track of the match as it progresses and the odds offered on each bet. Since the bets are real-time, bettors must quickly act to make some of the best in real-time.

    Usually, in live betting, we should to trading. For example, if a team is a favorite say 49-51 then we lay the fav team at 51p and if the non-fav team comes fav say 29-30 or 20-21 by laying on this we can cut our loss or can earn both side profit, It is also known as both side book set or loss cut bookset.
  • Betting on sessions: Betting on sessions are also considered to be an effective way of betting. In a 20 over the game, there are 4 sessions, 6over, 10overs, 15overs and 20 over.

    Bettors usually predict the run to be yes or not that means if a session is coming 45-46 the bettor predicts either 45not or 46 yes that means runs would be either less than 45 or more than 46. We recommend betting 10% of the total money you want to invest in betting.
  • online betting: It is the most convenient way of betting which is the most trending way of placing bets. Bettors only need to open an account in online betting sites, verify their account, deposit money and place a bet.

    Bookies some times usually most of the times Increases the session runs or decreases the rate of the match, by placing bets on online betting sites you can skip these kinds of bookies fraud.

    Online betting site Provides various kinds of bonus too which is used in placing bets . Betway is an example of an Online Cricket betting site.
  • Watch Alzazera Cricket Betting Scandal

These are my Secret tricks to win money in betting. All secrets revealed. Comment about your experience, Did these methods worked? please comment below.

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